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We are the American Sikh Sangat.

Each one of us is a part and a pillar of the 500,000+ strong Sikh community in America.


American Sikh Sangat was founded in October 2020 with an aim to unite the Sikh community, keep it connected to the Guru's word and Sikhi, and strengthen it to stand tall through the times that come. For over a century since we made America our home, we have made huge strides in every sphere and earned our living well. We, the Sikhs, are hardworking, gallant, generous and we know how to live life to its fullest. This virtue must live on in our future generations and for that we need to create awareness and camaraderie both in spiritual as well as political pursuits just like our Gurus taught us.

American Sikh Sangat drives its inspiration and pursuit from the MIRI-PIRI doctrine in Sikhism which defines the importance of living a life connected to the one, timeless God (PIRI - spiritual) and equally be in the know of the temporal (MIRI - political) power of the finite world. American Sikhs must stand up for our rights and partake in the academic, economic as well as policy making process of the country so as to address our issues and concerns through the system. It's our endeavor to nurture future leaders who can stand for their own as well as the rights of the community at large and understand and deliver their duties with high ethical and moral standards.


Meet the Team

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